About Us

Solving the problem of power outages We established Blueberry Solar to address the problem of power interruptions such as blackouts which undermine productivity and which can be life threatening when they follow a major natural disaster such as a storm, tornado, hurricane or flood. The power outage can be particularly life threatening for patients and those who depend on electricity for their survival. In fact, modern life requires a constant reliable supply of power since virtually all our devices require electric charge or continuous power. Hence a loss of power can constitute an immediate emergency and the longer it lasts the greater the jeopardy from security risks to health and communications.

Clean Emergency Power Solar energy systems are the most suitable source for reliable backup power in an emergency since a solar power system does not require fuel, and will not malfunction at the time when it is most needed such as a gas power generator might. It is noiseless and does not create pollution like gas generators. Solar energy systems do not require as much maintenance as gas generators and they can be kept and operated indoors which reduces the risk of theft, unlike gas generators. This is why we recommend the replacement of gas generators with solar energy systems.

Emergency Preparedness The preparation for emergency loss of power is becoming increasingly necessary because of global climate change which is responsible for the rising frequency and severity of natural disasters such as super storms, tornados, hurricanes, floods and tsunamis. Places that were once safe from storms and other natural disasters are no longer as immune to disaster. We anticipate a rise in the demand for backup emergency power and proactively responded by seeking solutions to the problem of household and commercial power interruption. Our best solution is the Solar Power Generator. We recommend that every household and commercial establishment prepare for emergency loss of power by purchasing one of our backup solar generators.

Modular Replacement Power - stop paying electric utility bills The most significant reason for our recommendation is that it is now possible to put an end to electric utility charges by investing in an off the grid solar power system. The entry costs for solar power have previously been discouragingly high, however with our modular solar power systems it is possible for any household to wean itself away from utility power by purchasing a standard solar power generator and adding solar panels and batteries as the resources become available to purchase more generating and storage capacity.