Blueberrysolar Delivers Clean Emergency Solar Power

Portable, robust and reliable electricity sources that work semelessly to provide backup power in an emergency: blackouts, power failure after a storm, or periods of low power, keeping home appliances and business equipment up and running.

Blueberry Solar: global emergency solar power.

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The global trend of increasing emergencies requires ever increasing preparation and response. No emergency is more dire than the loss of electric power. Whether it is a scheduled blackout or power failure in the aftermath of a storm, tornado or hurricane, loss of power can be as life threatening as the disaster itself, because modern life requires uninterrupted power. Blueberry Solar delivers emergency power sources that work off the grid to provide long term power with clean electric generators powered by renewable solar energy. Our lighting and power systems can replace utility power so you can say goodbye to your electric utility bill. Efficient lights, household and business appliances: TVs, computers, fans & refrigerators can be powered indefinitely. Rush delivery of your system today.